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ISO CLASS 4               Basic Life Support (BLS)

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Last Website Update: 09-24-2016







In 2016 we are celebrating 50 years of Modern Emergency Medical Services EMS.



OUR 2017 Calendars are ready for our Community


Clinton Firefighter's Support Organization

Calendar Drive Fund Raiser for 2017.


Thank You to all the Buisness and Citizens of our Fire and EMS Coverage Area for all the support given to CFD during this Fund Raiser. If you are a past member or someone from Clinton who lives out of town now. Send us your address and we will get a Calendar to you.






Updated: 09-24-2016


Tuesday 6-28-16

Vehicle Extrication - Firefighter Support Group Meeting


Tuesday 7-12-2016

Vehicle Extrication - Officer's Training


Tuesday 7-26-2016

Hazardous Material Refresher HazMat IQ - Firefighter Support Group Meeting


Saturday 8-6-2016

Sports Injuries Football (CE'S)


Tuesday 8-9-2016

Hazardous Material CFD Operating Procedures Refresher - Officer's Training


Tuesday 8-20-2016

Hazardous Material Scenario with Washtenaw County HMT


Tuesday 9-13-2016

Confined Space Refresher - Officer's Training


Tuesday 9-27-2016

Fire Training - Firefighter Support Group Meeting


Check Training Schedule for Times

These trainings are department required for attendance





Updated: 09-24-2016


2011 -  302


2012 -  365


2013 -  320


2014 -  322


2015  - 324


2016  - 281


The Number 1 most Dangerous Work Area in the United States!  

"The Highway"


Park to Protect!

Establish a Scene Safety Officer!

Block Traffic!

Wear your Safety Vest, Always!

Wear proper PPE w/Helmet, Always!

Exit your vehicle to curb side if at all possible!

Look out for each other!

Establish more than adequate advance warning!

Direct placement of ambualnces!

Consider Night or Reduced Light Conditions!

Cones and LED pancake Lights!



Take a minute to review our Safe Parking SOP and review our Officer's Safe Parking

"Cue Card", that minute may save one of our Firefighters lives. Maybe your life!












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